IMMERSION (Systema Seminar)

IMMERSION (Systema Seminar)

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November 3-4  2018 we organize a Systema seminar series with subject "IMMERSION". This will be a seminar where we will immerse the participants in Systema for 2 days.

Immerse yourself, surround yourself with it, absorb it in your being, do not wait, press that button and immerse yourself in Systema Immersion Training (limited space).

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Immersion Training

Immerse yourself for a weekend in the Systema principles. Two days and one overnight stay completely absorb Systema in your being. More than 15 hours of training in 2 days all-in (training, eating, drinking and sleeping) with a small group.


Techniques and methods are supported by your skill. If the skill is not there, the techniques do not work well. It must be permeated by our being, otherwise our actions are limited and superficial but also independent of reality. A total immersion offers us the best lessons to enable our being to penetrate with skill. We do not grow but sink, develop, deeper and deeper within ourselves.

Immerse yourself, surround yourself with it, absorb it in your being, do not wait, press that button and immerse yourself in Systema Immersion Training.

All In

The seminar includes, Training, Eating, Drinking and one overnight stay (camping style).

We take care of the training, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks. Because we have a late evening training on Saturday after dinner, we stay overnight and start early the next morning.

Time & Location

Location, Meppel address and other info. follows after the registration.

Time, Saturday we start at 10 am (reception from 9.30 am), Sunday the seminar ends at 5 pm.


Data sheet

Meppel of Emmen
11.00h - 17.00h
English / Dutch
Arend Dubbelboer
18 years and older
More info.
Follows after registration (E-mail)


Participation in a Systema seminar organized by Aiki Management   

Promise of good behavior 

• As a participant of this seminar I understand that I have the obligation to treat the instructor(s), participants, spectators and volunteers with respect and according the ethics of the organizers of this seminar. This applies not only during the seminar, but also while traveling to and from the seminar.   

• I am familiar with Systema and the method used training this Russian martial art. I promise to follow the safety instructions of the instructor(s) and organizers accurately.  

•  I promise to withhold  myself from any form of violence, aggressive or disrespectful behavior towards the instructor(s), participants, spectators and volunteers and anybody present in this seminar and also while traveling to and from the seminar.   

• I accept when I fail to comply with the above policies and promises that the instructor(s) or organizers have the right to  remove or sent me away from this seminar and the seminar area.   


• I declare as a participant of this seminar, that I voluntarily at my own request will participate in the activities of this event. 

• I declare and fully acknowledge and understand that I am participating in a full contact martial art seminar and that during this seminar combat situations will be practiced. Such practices consist out of punches, kicks, chokes, grabs, joint locks, handling training weapons. The use of force and bodyweight can lead to incorrect execution and personal injury including permanent disability or death. Such injuries can be caused by my own actions or negligence, or acts and negligence by others.  

• I declare that I accept all responsibility for such injury caused by my own actions or negligence.   

• With regard to damages and injuries originated during my participation in this seminar I safeguard the instructors, participants, hosts, as well as their officers, directors and representatives, as well as other employees and volunteers of the seminar and medical workers, both the owner, lessor and lessee of the premises where the event takes place from any form of prosecution.  

•The organization has the right to make films, photograph, audio and visual recordings. These photos and recordings can be used by the organization for promotional and / or commercial purposes. This means that the visitors to the seminar can be seen / heard. Upon entering the seminar location, the visitor agrees to agree without claiming compensation (in the form of money or anything else). 

I have read the above and I totally understand what right I will give up when I sign this disclaimer. I am familiar with the risks and conditions that exist when I participate in this Seminar. 

I declare that I am at least 18 years of age.

Download pdf disclaimer >>>